Sam Marts Architects and Planners

We at Sam Marts Architects and Planners Ltd. are committed to working closely with you to develop ideas, meet needs, and work within budgets. We approach each project thoughtfully, always considering the possible benefits of innovative solutions. In order to test our own theories about construction details and affordability, we have designed, built, and sold two single-family housing prototypes.

The individual experiences of the professionals here enable our firm to serve a wide range of clients. We have designed restaurants, shops, and religious structures, bringing together the thousands of parts that make up such special, people-oriented spaces. We have renovated modest urban homes and large commercial spaces. We have worked closely with not-for-profit agencies and arts groups. We have been Vista architects working with community organizations. We have specialized in the art of the timber frame, from restoring barns to designing and building homes, wineries and restaurants throughout the Midwest. We have surveyed the planning needs of urban and rural communities. We have helped working people in dense urban settings achieve home ownership. We have helped farming communities maintain their way of life while accommodating newcomers seeking to join in the pastoral setting.