Mel & Fell

Locally sourced catering and more!

Mel & Fell offer local catering and meal delivery services for Leelanau County and beyond. They offer food that you can feel great about because you’re eating healthy, eating seasonal, eating local, and eating delicious! Whether you’re a localvore hosting a private party, a winery in need of some harmonized pairings, or a small business trying to make a big impression, Mel & Fell has just what you’re looking for.

With a thorough knowledge of Leelanau County and its farms, as well as a deep understanding of the seasonal peaks of our local fruits and vegetables, we can cater your next gathering with the perfect ingredients to put you in synch with one of the most beautiful and bountiful areas in the world.

Their meal delivery service offers heat-and-serve food delivered to your doorstep (or your cottage doorstep) every Wednesday throughout the year. Choose from various entrees, soups, salads, and desserts, and leave the cooking to them!

Contact them to start a conversation about your next meal, or check out this week’s meal delivery options!